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Our F&B consultancy traverses every point of a business, from base camp where a concept is devised, all the way to the top for victory celebrations.

Concept Development – We help clients come up with and fine tune the idea for their future brand through analysis of their cuisine, target market, positioning and other factors.

Operational Strategies – We help define our clients’ products and services, identify customers and their needs, develop sales and marketing plans and more.

Financial Feasibility Study – We analyse the market, guide clients through operational and setup costs, develop inventory systems and more.

Location Planning – We scout out and recommend the ideal site for a business; after all, location is everything.

Design and Branding – We develop the look and feel of an outlet by creating an appropriate brand persona.

Kitchen Design – We help design kitchens as per the law of the land, in accordance with the necessary HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications and more.

Fit-out Management – We handle the tendering process for fit-out contractors, making sure the aesthetics and effectiveness of the outlet is never compromised.

Furniture Fixtures & Equipment and Operating Supplies & Equipment – We help source only the best gear for the job, because every detail counts in the hospitality industry.

Recruitment – We help gather the best team for a business from campaign management and screening through to selection and orientation.

Menus and Tastings – Our experienced chefs take our clients on a culinary journey through tastings and the development of unique menus.

Manuals and Training – We develop complete sets of operating and training manuals tailored to each outlet.